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We have designed a range of services to help you manage your financial life and to build wealth and value for you, your family, and your community. You will find, in addition to a description of what we do and how we do it, tips, instructions, and other educational information as you browse our pages.

Our firm specializes in nine areas represented by the green icons shown on the left side of the page. In each of these disciplines, we have prepared processes, general information, and plans of action to help you manage your unique situation. Our goal is to help you with compliance deadlines and to assist you in designing a vision for your future, encourage you, and help you to execute your vision and ideas.

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Our Team Karen A. Hahn, CPA, CVA, MST - Owner

Karen Hahn started the firm in 1983. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from the University of Toledo. She received her Certified Public Accountant license in 1980. In 2004, Karen became a Certified Valuation Analyst. Her special interest in the field of valuation is helping small business owners plan an "exit strategy". Karen received her Masters of Taxation in 2015 from Golden Gate University.

Karen specializes in the following areas:

  • Individual tax preparation and tax planning.
  • Accounting, tax, issues facing small business.
  • Homeowner Associations. She has over twenty-eight years of experience in this industry.
  • Trust accounting and taxation.

She is a member of:

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
The California Society of Certified Public Accountants
National Association of Certified Valuation Analysis
Milpitas Chamber of Commerce

Karen is married and has three daughters and three grandchildren. She enjoys running and gardening, and plays guitar and keyboard in a band with her husband. Karen is active in her church and likes to volunteer in community activities.

Lee J. Assaf, Enrolled Agent and Tax Resolution Specialist

Lee joined the firm in 2005. Lee brings a unique mixture of experience to the firm. She graduated from San Jose State School of Business with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting. Lee received her Enrolled Agent certification in 2009 and has 30 years’ experience in a broad range of accounting experiences involving corporate, taxation and self-employment.

Lee specializes in the following areas:

  • Individual tax preparation and tax planning.
  • Small Business tax and accounting services
  • Tax Resolution
  • International Individual Taxation

She is a member of:

The National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA)
California Society of Enrolled Agents (CSEA)
The Mission Society of Enrolled Agents (MSEA)

Lee’s most rewarding work is assisting her clients with tax resolution services.  As a tax resolution specialist, Lee has saved her clients over $500,000.00 in taxes, penalties and interest as of December 2015.

She worked for Hitachi for fifteen years in the inventory department and also worked extensively in systems implementation.

Lee worked for the Internal Revenue Service where she gained audit experience. She brings valuable knowledge and success in representing the firm's clients in tax audits.

Lee worked in a family business where she was the CFO. She knows firsthand the daily demands of running a small business.

Lee has three children and enjoys sewing and reading.

Romon Alexander, B.S – Staff Accountant

Romon Alexander has been with our firm since 2011 and is a Senior Staff Accountant specialist. He graduated from California State University, East Bay with a degree in business administration focused on accounting and finance. He is currently working on becoming a CPA.

Romon specializes in the following areas:

  • Homowners Association
  • Nonprofit tax and accounting
  • Trust court accounting

He enjoys hanging out with friends, playing sports, and laughing.

Patricia Rodriguez Caudillo – CTEC & Bookkeeper

Patricia joined our firm in 2012, having come from a background of working for construction companies since 2000. There she learned bookkeeping skills and how to make job estimates. Her education was at West Valley College and at Heald College, where she received an Associate Degree in Computer Technology. Patricia specializes in client business related accounting, i.e. payroll, sales tax, etc. and supports the firm’s business department. Patricia is a skilled QuickBooks expert.

Patty has two children whom she enjoys taking to the parks and beaches on weekends. In her free time, she enjoys doing things with her extended family and friends: playing cards and various sports, as well as watching soccer and football. She likes to visit different areas of Mexico to see archeological ruins and learn about the various cultures there. The results of her love of cooking occasionally get shared with the office staff when she brings us enchiladas for lunch, and shares her recipes.

Marcia A. Plumb - Office Manager

Marcia has been with the firm since its inception. She is the first friendly face you will see when you visit us. Marcia is our "hub" and keeps the financial engagements and tax returns flowing through the office and out to you.

Marcia has a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education from Towson University in Maryland, and enjoyed teaching fifth grade and outdoor education.

Marcia has three children and three granddaughters. She enjoys photography, crocheting, a good piece of chocolate, music, and is very active in her church. She especially enjoys a good, competitive game of Scrabble, Bananagrams or Dominion.

Jim Marshall – Operations Manager

Jim joined the firm in 2013 and is responsible for all things “not accounting”.

Those “not accounting” things include, but are not limited to;

  • Client communications
  • Contract negotiations
  • Administration and Maintenance
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Scheduling – including job tracking and metrics for the firm.

Jim has extensive experience in logistics and contracts, working the last thirteen years as a contracts negotiator, and administrator in the electronics industry.

Jim has served as a Materials Manager, a Procurement Specialist, a Contract Specialist and a Senior Procurement Specialist. Jim has also owned and managed his own retail and video rental store. In his spare time, Jim enjoys playing music and performing in his church hand bell choir. Jim is a member of the Board of Directors of Camp Opportunity, a Santa Cruz county nonprofit dedicated to providing a no cost summer camp experience to foster children and children at risk in Santa Cruz county.

Lori Barnett – Tax Return Administrator

Lori Barnett came to the firm in 2014 with over 25 years of financial experience. During tax season she is the Tax Return Administrator, in charge of tax return file flow and input.

She has implemented a complete rebranding project and is assistant project manager for social media.

Her interests, apart from taxes, include being member of the Board of Directors and Secretary of Camp Opportunity, a Santa Cruz county nonprofit dedicated to providing a no cost summer camp experience to foster children and children at risk in Santa Cruz county. Lori also enjoys games of all types and Archery with her husband Brian.

Our Process

We have the expertise you need in business, individual and international tax, homeowner associations, nonprofit organizations, and business valuation. We believe in building a solid foundation which includes accurate, complete accounting records and tax returns which are in compliance with tax law and are defendable upon audit.

But there is much more value to be had than number crunching and compliance. We use this baseline work to develop a tool box which helps you turn visions of your future into the reality of today. The tool box includes many different kinds of tools. Some are financially based like financial statements, family budgets, and sales reports. Some of the tools involve knowing who you are and what gets in your way.

We offer planning, efficiency, consideration of options, and an objective point of view. Begin your dream today and see how far you can go!

Industries Served

We provide accounting services to every arena of business as well as individuals and couples. Here are some of the industries we currently serve. We would love to add yours to the list!

  • Attorney
  • Auto Repair Shop
  • Child Care Centers
  • Chiropractors
  • Consultants
  • Dentists
  • Trusts
  • Financial Planners
  • Homowner Associations
  • Janitorial Service
  • Landscaping
  • Machine Shops
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Nonprofits
  • Online Stores
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Software Engineers
  • Sport
  • Trades
Record Retention

Storing tax records: How long is long enough?
The rule of thumb is to keep any record which will support a tax income or deduction for three years after it appears on your tax return.

April 15 has come and gone and another year of tax forms and shoe boxes full of receipts is behind us. But what should be done with those documents after your check or refund request is in the mail?

Federal law requires you to maintain copies of your tax returns and supporting documents for three years. This is called the "three-year law" and leads many people to believe they're safe provided they retain their documents for this period of time.

However, if the IRS believes you have significantly under-reported your income (by 25 percent or more), or believes there may be indication of fraud, it may go back six years in an audit. To be safe, use the following guidelines.

Business Documents to Keep for One Year

  • Correspondence with Customers and Vendors
  • Duplicate Deposit Slips
  • Purchase Orders (other than Purchasing Department copy)
  • Receiving Sheets
  • Requisitions
  • Stenographer's Notebooks
  • Stockroom Withdrawal Forms

Business Documents to Keep for Three Years

  • Employee Personnel Records (after termination)
  • Employment Applications
  • Expired Insurance Policies
  • General Correspondence
  • Internal Audit Reports
  • Internal Reports
  • Petty Cash Vouchers
  • Physical Inventory Tags
  • Savings Bond Registration Records of Employees
  • Time Cards For Hourly Employees

Business Documents to Keep for Six Years

  • Accident Reports, Claims
  • Accounts Payable Ledgers and Schedules
  • Accounts Receivable Ledgers and Schedules
  • Bank Statements and Reconciliations
  • Cancelled Checks
  • Cancelled Stock and Bond Certificates
  • Employment Tax Records
  • Expense Analysis and Expense Distribution Schedules
  • Expired Contracts, Leases
  • Expired Option Records
  • Inventories of Products, Materials, Supplies
  • Invoices to Customers
  • Notes Receivable Ledgers, Schedules
  • Payroll Records and Summaries, including payment to pensioners
  • Plant Cost Ledgers
  • Purchasing Department Copies of Purchase Orders
  • Sales Records
  • Subsidiary Ledgers
  • Time Books
  • Travel and Entertainment Records
  • Vouchers for Payments to Vendors, Employees, etc.
  • Voucher Register, Schedules

Business Records to Keep Forever

While federal guidelines do not require you to keep tax records "forever," in many cases there will be other reasons you'll want to retain these documents indefinitely.

  • Audit Reports from CPAs/Accountants
  • Cancelled Checks for Important Payments (especially tax payments)
  • Cash Books, Charts of Accounts
  • Contracts, Leases Currently in Effect
  • Corporate Documents (incorporation, charter, by-laws, etc.)
  • Documents substantiating fixed asset additions
  • Deeds
  • Depreciation Schedules
  • Financial Statements (Year End)
  • General and Private Ledgers, Year End Trial Balances
  • Insurance Records, Current Accident Reports, Claims, Policies
  • Investment Trade Confirmations
  • IRS Revenue Agents Reports
  • Journals
  • Legal Records, Correspondence and Other Important Matters
  • Minutes Books of Directors and Stockholders
  • Mortgages, Bills of Sale
  • Property Appraisals by Outside Appraisers
  • Property Records
  • Retirement and Pension Records
  • Tax Returns and Worksheets
  • Trademark and Patent Registrations

Personal Documents to Keep for One Year

While it's important to keep year-end mutual fund and IRA contribution statements forever, you don't have to save monthly and quarterly statements once the year-end statement has arrived.

Personal Documents to Keep for Three Years

  • Credit Card Statements
  • Medical Bills (in case of insurance disputes)
  • Utility Records
  • Expired Insurance Policies

Personal Documents to Keep for Six Years

  • Supporting Documents For Tax Returns
  • Accident Reports and Claims
  • Medical Bills (if tax-related)
  • Sales Receipts
  • Wage Garnishments
  • Other Tax-Related Bills

Personal Records to Keep Forever

  • CPA Audit Reports
  • Legal Records
  • Important Correspondence
  • Income Tax Returns
  • Income Tax Payment Checks
  • Property Records / Improvement Receipts (or six years after property is sold)
  • Investment Trade Confirmations
  • Retirement and Pension Records

Special Circumstances

  • Car Records (keep until the car is sold)
  • Credit Card Receipts (keep until verified on your statement)
  • Insurance Policies (keep for the life of the policy)
  • Mortgages / Deeds / Leases (keep 6 years beyond the agreement)
  • Pay Stubs (keep until reconciled with your W-2)
  • Sales Receipts (keep for life of the warranty)
  • Stock and Bond Records (keep for 6 years beyond selling)
  • Warranties and Instructions (keep for the life of the product)
  • Other Bills (keep until payment is verified on the next bill)
  • Depreciation Schedules and Other Capital Asset Records (keep for 3 years after the tax life of the asset)
"Karen & her staff contacted the IRS and successfully brought down the amount due. Karen is my "go to" CPA for tax and accounting matters."