Dave Samuels CFP®, CLU®
President & CEO
Corinthian Wealth Management LLC
San Jose, CA

I have been referring to Karen Hahn’s office for a number of years and have always been very satisfied with the results. I feel Karen and her team go out of their way to deliver for my clients. Recently, we referred a client with a significant tax issue where Karen & her staff contacted the IRS and successfully brought down the amount due. This was resolved in a very timely manner. Karen is often my “go to” CPA for tax and accounting matters.

Clora Kanawyer
Private Citizen

My husband and I became clients of Karen A. Hahn, CPA, CVA in March of 2001. The company was referred to us by friends who had been clients for several years and had expressed a confidence in how their accounting needs had been met.

When we became clients, we were impressed by the welcoming atmosphere of Karen Hahn and her employees. We had recently moved to the area and needed to work with a company capable of offering us more than just preparing our income taxes. When it came time to retire, we were confident in seeking advice for some of our retirement needs and investment choices. When my husband passed away I was able to meet with one of their recommend attorneys to assist me with establishing a trust to facilitate my future needs.

I never need to worry about forgetting when I need to prepare my taxes because I receive a notice each February to set up an appointment. This spurs me into action to gather up the necessary items required for that BIG DAY in April that we face each year.  My taxes are always prepared in a timely manner, with little stress on my part.  A big thank you to Karen A. Hahn and her employees.  They make up a great customer service team.

Jack Moyer
Small Business Owner

I met Karen in the mid‐2000’s when she was introduced to us as an accounting resource for our small business. Karen was instrumental in assisting us through the multiple issues surrounding the running of a small business and ensuring we were current with all our tax withholdings and payments. When we sold the business she guided us through the transition process and the records we needed to retain. When our personal tax advisor retired, we transitioned our personal tax work to Karen. We recently sold our home of 20 years and she was very helpful to us in determining the tax impact of that sale being sure we identified all the expenses associated with a home owned for a significant period of time. Karen and her team are easy to work with, responsive and knowledgeable.


"Karen & her staff contacted the IRS and successfully brought down the amount due. Karen is my "go to" CPA for tax and accounting matters."